Memory sports to be incorporated as a vital part of the country’s education system.

About Us

The Malaysia Memory Sports Council (MMSC) represents The World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) in promoting memory sports in Malaysia. With this affiliation, MMSC has been authorized by WMSC to organize the first Malaysian Open Memory Championship. As this championship is endorsed by WMSC, results scored during this championship will be tabulated into world rankings points.


  • Nurture and train potential and talented Malaysians to represent the country to participate in international memory championships.
  • Collaborate with World Memory Sport Council to organize memory competitions in Malaysia.
  • Platform to provide guidance and advice to other memory groups.


  1. To promote and create greater awareness of Memory Sports.
  2. Supervise and monitor the development of Memory Sports in Malaysia.
  3. Set up rules and regulations to adapt National Law if necessary.
  4. Upholding the authority of World Memory Sport Council (WMSC) and seek to make sure that all memory events are properly affiliated and if possible officially ranked.
  5. To protect and defend the integrity of WMSC personal titles and events and to liaise closely with WMSC at all times.
  6. To ensure that inappropriate rivalry amongst competing memory groups and commercial interests do not damage the sport.

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